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The following was wrote by a little girl who is dear to our hearts. The italicize and underlined words are part of her assigned spelling words in class. We have a summer home on Lake Huron which her family tries to make as often as possible. You can almost feel the charm of our precious hideaway in this young lady's writing.

The Destination of my Special Place


Bethany Ann Durnal

age 10

I challenge you today to figure out my destination. It will be evident how much I love my secret place. I will do my very best to give you accurate directions so that you will stay on course. It takes approximately 8 hours to get there. You need to drive vertically or North. My father is always the optimist and thinks that we can get there in 7 hours but on previous trips we have not been able to do the navigating to cut down on time. When we finally arrive it is very evident how jubilant we are because of our happy faces. The first thing that we do is go look at the gigantic body of water. It goes on forever. You can even see the horizon. After we settle in to our little cabin on the Bay. We then revive ourselves with food on the back porch & pray there is not a gale coming up. The cabin is small, so we have to make makeshift beds. When we are all ready for bed, we can't help but think of all the nostalgia in the little cabin on the Bay. Our duration at the cabin is never long enough. It is always hard to depart because I love it so much. However, I do not despair because I know next year, if our little cabin does not deteriorate, we will be back for another visit on the Bay.