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Author: Joyce Roberson, Freelance Writer If you think that psycopathology is another word, then think again. Bobby R. Woodall has taken us to a place where we'd least expect to find this very serious personality disorder. His main character, without a hint of a conscience, travels the countryside, paving a road of murder for his hapless victims, and all without so much as a blink of an eye. We see a madman at work as his devious deeds are expertly executed with cold precision, for his own self-gain and self-satisfaction. His crime sprees are artfully woven within the charm and hardships of the Old West, where the rule-who lives and who dies-is decided on a whim. If you enjoy Westerns and the old Southwest, CLEARWATER, is a must read. Mr. Woodall keeps us hanging till the end. If you seek a sense of justice, in a time where there was little, the ending of this novel should prove to be very satisfying for you."

Author: Ruby Starr - Marlow, OK "I am from a very small town in Oklahoma. I read this book over and over, and it is one of the best since Lonesome Dove! I expect Clearwater to be made into a movie one day!"

Author: Pepper Raines, Author CLEARWATER -- a town hoping never to be found? A town of victims--Or a town where other criminals striving to escape the law have tried to start a new life? Can the good people of Clearwater forgive and forget? Can they rebuild the town? Do the want to? Will they stop the menace that threatens them? Find out! Purchase your copy of CLEARWATER then give yourself plenty of time-you won't want to put this book down until the very last page. Five Stars.

Author: Erwin Vanhornwegen, Brussels, Belgium "The story is great and it's written in a way that once you start reading you MUST know what will happen. If I have to give a quotation on it (let's say on 5) I'll give the novel 4 on 5. Clearwater will be a success, and I won't be surprised to see a motion picture in a few years called Clearwater."

Author: Joyce Hall Hovey Author Joan Hall-Hovey says she "wouldn't be a bit surprised if Woodall is the next Louis L'Amour."